Fred Wright Bailey 1883 to 1969

Fred Wright Bailey

Fred Wright Bailey is Jonathan’s great-grandfather on his mother’s side.  He passed away two years before Jonathan was born.

Fred’s Childhood

Fred grew up in a logging camp in rural Tioga County of Pennsylvania.

Fred gets Married

Fred married Ina Marguerite FRENCH.

Surviving the Depression

During the depression, Fred supported his family by doing odd jobs for farmers in exchange for meat.  The family had owned two lots of land next to each other.  One lot had the house on it.  The second lot was turned into a garden.  They ate what they grew and canned most of the food to eat for the following winter.

They paid property taxes by doing road work and building projects for the county.  The county got grants from the federal government to pay for the supplies for the road projects.

The bank which held their mortgage did not require the monthly mortgage payment to be paid during the depression.  All that was required to be paid was the interest on the loan once a year.

Virtually Visit His Gravesite

Please visit his FindAGrave Memorial.


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