Helping My Friends with Their Family History Research


Off and on through the years, I have helped friends (you know who you are) with their family history research.  I have and continue to enjoy the challenges of finding their ancestors.  Each friend (obviously) has different research needs as we do all.  I love being able to step in and help them find records that have alluded them for months or perhaps years.Since I am now posting what I find on my family lines here, it seemed logical to post what I find on others’ lines, too.  It is a way to help all of us find our families a little bit easier, right?  I have decided to post findings of my research for their lines here on my blog. That way, they can re-look up what I find when they need to as well as pass on the links to their family members.I will have specific labels that will “tag” the specific friend’s line that I am commenting about in each post.  Each specific friend knows who they are and I hope that they will appreciate my efforts in helping them keep
track of what we find together.AllysonPL is one of the friends that I help with family history.  When she lived close, we did not do family
history research together.  Since she moved several years ago, we have done most of the research together via online chats, emails, and phone calls.  Sometimes we have utilized all three at once, so we can be sure to track what documentation we have found for which ancestor.  When we have been together on visits, we usually accomplish so much more in a shorter amount of time!  Sitting usually side-by-side with computers, printers, and research spread all over, we are able to get into sync and just find piece after piece of information for her ancestors.

DianeK is another friend that I assist with her genealogical research.  We started out doing the research together
side-by-side at her dining room table or mine.  Now, that she has moved, the chats, emails, and phone conversations are how we do our research, too.

The availability of records online continues to increase.  This allows all of us to find more and more
documentation for our ancestors with less on-location trips.  There are some areas of the United States and the world that the best way to find the records are in person or via another person for on-location research.

While whichever friend I am helping updates her records, I tend to search for my family lines or that of my husband’s.  If you look at my laptop at any given point while I am searching online, I have 10 or more tabs open to various websites for our research.

Both of these friends have helped me look for particular information on my family lines from time to time.  When they get frustrated with their own lines, I always ask if they would like to help me with finding more about one of my ancestors.  It is great to work together in tandem.

So, if you see a name that does not look familiar or is not a tab above, please check the labels at the bottom of the post.  Perhaps the post is about a friend’s ancestor and not mine.  The name could also be a family line on my husband’s side and I have posted about the research process on here.

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