1. Valerie Yodhes

    Hello Diane, What a pleasure to find you. I have also been researching Earl Napoleon Davy’s branch of the family. His mother, Alice Benway Davy was a daughter to Eli Willard Benway and Mary Jane Colt. Eli Willard Benway was my second great-grandfather, through my father Donald Benway, his father: Howard Wallace Benway, then Henry C. Benway (who was one of Eli Willard Benway’s sons through Eli’s first marriage to Mary Maria Monty. A few years ago I decided to do a biography on Eli because his was such an interesting story: 4 marriages and there was so much history of the settlement of America in the story.
    I see you know a lot about the Washington branch of the family. I was able to get a copy of Alice Davy’s death record and that was the record I needed to connect her with Eli Benway as her father. So I have a copy of work I have done and I would be happy to share it with you. I would like you to compare what I found out with all that you have done and I want to make sure that my work has been accurate. If you would give me your mailing address, I will mail a copy of my story. My email: vyodhes@yahoo.com At the present time I am not a paying member of Ancestry but I saw the photos you posted just recently of Earl Davy and I asked a cousin who could do it to send me copies of the photos. Valerie Yodhes

    • Valerie, thank you so much for the family info for Diane! I have contacted her and I know she’ll be in touch with you soon. On Sunday, I was helping Diane do some research on the Davy line. Apparently the Davy family is one all of our minds this week! Thank you again for visiting! ~Adrienne

  2. Diane Kloepfel

    Thank you so much, Valerie, for reaching out. I am sending you an email shortly. I know some about the Davey family that lived in Washington State. However, I am still learning new things.

    • Elise, I have found a lot on Ancestry.com. They are constantly adding more records. I keep checking to see if they have added records which will help me on my lines. (For a couple lines, I am still waiting.) 🙂 Thank you for visiting! ~Adrienne

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