Adding Labels to Ancestors on FamilySearch

Adding Labels to Ancestors on FamilySearch by AZM

A FamilySearch Blog Post You Need to Read!

There are so many family history books and blogs available that, at times, it feels like there is a never ending stack of physical and digital ‘books’ on my nightstand.

I came across the blog post, “Don’t Label Me-But Do Label Your Ancestors” on FamilySearch.

This post discusses the new feature now available on FamilySearch on each ancestor’s profile page. You can now add labels such as “War of 1812” or “Medal of Honor Recipient” to name two.  There are multiple label categories to choose from for each ancestor.

Why Do We Need to Add Labels to Our Ancestors?

This new label feature is to help people sort through the thousands or millions of same-name results that will show up for many of their ancestors. By adding a label of “Military Figures,” it will leave those without that label from showing in the search results.

Just like you can sort the posts here on Finding My Twisted Roots (FMTR) by the label at the bottom of a post and see just those posts in that category, you can now do the same with FamilySearch.

Add a Website Link to Your Ancestor’s Profile, Too

I think this is so cool! You can add website links which give more information on your ancestor. Perhaps your ancestor is mentioned in Wikipedia, listed in the burial database of the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), or on a family history blog.

Speaking of family history blogs, I now need to go into FamilySearch and add links for the blog posts here on FMTR to each ancestor’s profile page.

What Do You Think about the New Label Feature on FamilySearch?

I would love to know your thoughts on this new sorting option. Please share in the comments below.


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