Meet a Fellow Researcher by Adrienne Z. Milligan

Meet a Fellow Researcher by Adrienne Z. Milligan Copyright 2019

Welcome Back to Our “Meet a Fellow Researcher” Series

Hello to our Twisted Roots viewers! Meet a Fellow Researcher by Adrienne Z. Milligan

Meet a Fellow Researcher: Adrienne Z. Milligan

Hi! I am so excited to introduce myself.  I am happy to have you visit our family history research blog! Don’t be afraid of genealogical research. Family history is fun, exciting, and full of educational tidbits. If you are a beginner to family history, welcome to the fun! If you are a more seasoned researcher, please share what has worked for you.

Family History and Me

I have been interested in family history since I was little.  I remember visiting my maternal grandparents each summer.  My mother and grandmother would take out all of their research and notes. It would get spread out over the couch, loveseats, and occasionally the floor. They would update the family group sheets and pedigrees with any new information (deaths, marriages, and births) received from being ordered or that happened since the previous summer. If any letters that had been sent requesting documentation had gotten answers, they went over it and then updated the records accordingly.

My Favorite Way to Research

Online, most definitely! I can do research from my laptop, phone, or tablet and do so from almost anywhere I am. I use the cell data on my phone and tablet to search while waiting at doctor appointments, before meetings, or in the car (which can make me car sick, so I usually wait until we’ve stopped).

My Current Research Needs

I have many ancestors which I need more information on to further my research.  Therefore, I’ll just mention my current biggest “brick wall.”  This is the one my grandmother and mother struggled to find more information on for decades before I started looking.

My biggest need is finding more information on my maternal third great-grandmother, Amazona Frances Easton Burkett who married William Thomas Suddoth in 1896.  They had a daughter, Fannie Jane Curtis Suddoth.  

Just this summer, I attended the N.A.R.A.’s Brick Wall Workshop at the Seattle branch with Jonathan and his mother. The archivist and volunteer researcher gave me a bunch of suggestions of “where to look next for Amazona.” More to come as I find (or don’t find) details on her from the suggested sources. Meet a Fellow Researcher by Adrienne Z. Milligan

My Best Advice for You

Keep searching for the illusive and difficult-to-find ancestors! Google their names, contact the genealogical society where they lived, check the library (with interlibrary loans) for possible books on their family or locale. Do not be afraid to ask for help from other researchers, professionals, family history bloggers, and your family.

Meet a Fellow Researcher by Adrienne Z. Milligan Copyright 2019 Family Photo

Connect with Me Online

I can be found on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Visit my writing services company and my Gluten Free Preppers site.  You can message me from the Contact Us form on this site.

~Adrienne Meet a Fellow Researcher by Adrienne Z. Milligan

P.S. If you would like to be featured in our Meet a Fellow Researcher series, please contact Adrienne at findingmytwistedroots(at)

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